Beetroot Latte

A real hype in Australia and now it's coming our way: the beetroot latte! Our guest blogger @essiehealthylife loves pink dishes, so she's showing us how to make this pink latte yourself!

Ingredients for 1 latte:
- 1 ts red beet powder
-  200 ml milk *
- 4-6 flavdrops vanilla or white chocolate**
- optionally: a dash of coffee

* I prefer to use skimmed milk or soy milk
** flavdrops don't have any  calories, but you can also use sugar or another sweetener. 

 Mix the beetrootpowder with a dash of milk and the flavdrops in a jar. You can use a stickblender if you want. Put the rest of the milk in a milk frother or heat it in a pan or the microwave. Pour the milk in the jar and that's all!
If you want you can make it a coffee by replacing 50ml of the milk by coffee or espresso. 


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