Grilled Cheese

Who doesn't want to enjoy their lunch break with a perfect grilled cheese? Verdenius shows you how easy it is to make one using a frying pan!

Ingredients (serving size: 1)

- 2 slices of white bread (preferably one day old)

- a few slices of Swiss cheese-

- country-made ham

- 1 tbs mustard

- 1 tbs butter (room temperature)

Cover the slices of bread with the mustard. On both slices place some cheese on both sides. Then place the ham on one side of each slice.. Place a frying pan on the fire and bring to heat. Put the bread slices together and spread the outer sides of the bread slices with butter. Place the buttered bread slices into the pan and leave it for a minute. Move the toast around a bit with your spatula. As soon as the bottom side is baked golden brown you can carefully flip the toast. Bake until the other side golden brown and crispy as well. Cut in two halves and the toast is immediately ready to eat!

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